Not minding my own business

I haven’t done a lot of my own blogging since my post ‘A blogging start’ as I have volunteered to be an ocTEL tutor this week and have become fascinated in finding out what others are up to in their blogs. It is fascinating. There is a great range of blogging backgrounds from seasoned bloggers to those who are setting out with a first few tentative steps motivated by their participation in ocTEL (myself included). I have found that reading and commenting on other’s blogs is less of a challenge than writing my own. Its getting past that feeling of a blank piece of paper in front of you needing to be filled – I have always been the same with writing as a mathematician by training. Give me a problem to solve and I will be scribbling furiously in no time and for prolonged periods.

So thanks to those whose blogs I have read and whose blogs have inspired me to think and respond. I hope you don’t mind me minding your business rather than my own!


2 thoughts on “Not minding my own business

  1. Staring at a blank piece of paper before posting is indeed daunting especially when you know it will be viewed potentially by over 800 people! But it does remind me about how learner feel when presented with a similar situation within their courses. At the moment there is a debate within my institution about whether we need to refocus our learner support away from technical use of the vle platform to effective engagement with technology enhanced learning. So we would be helping in working collaboratively online rather than how to access a forum discussion.
    Without such support it is understandable why students often lurk within forums , still learning but not posting either becuase they are too intimidated to do so or becuase they have no idea where to start.

  2. Hi Ruth
    Thanks for your comments. A similar debate is bubbling up at our institution although it is only really the Learning technologies team that are adding the bubbles and not many beyond that at least that we are aware of. We have had some academics asking how they can get their students involved in the Moodle forums on their classes particularly as the students migrate to facebook to discuss beyond the reach of the lecturers.
    We have got to the stage in the institution where we have Moodle up and running and support requests are less about what buttons to press so there is an emerging appetite to address this university wide. I would like to see the institution taking a lead on this or at facilitate these discussions in some way and hope this is the way we will be moving.

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