My big queston

Is it the technology that enhances the learning or is it that in considering use of technology we are prompted to consider innovative approaches to learning and teaching that lead to enhancement?


3 thoughts on “My big queston

  1. This is a really great question and similar to what I am currently thinking about for my big question. I like to think that enhancement of learning has something to do with good learning design and perhaps you could argue that when you think about using technology for teaching and learning you are prompted to consider what you want to do and why you are using a specific approach? I think this reflection on learning design or articulation of reasons for an approach or activity often doesn’t happen with ‘traditional’ approaches or become lost in the teaching and learning ‘habits’ that people develop (a classic example is when you ask people why they use eg. essays for assessment and there is no real reason apart from this is how things are done etc. Or if you ask why they choose to use lectures to deliver teaching etc).

  2. Thanks for your comments.I agree that ‘articulation of reasons for an approach or activity often doesn’t happen with ‘traditional’ approaches”. It is perhaps not until technology offered other ways of doing things that we started to ask why we were doing things in a particular way. Teaching and assessment were just done in the way they had always been done and the effect these had on learning wasn’t that important!
    Looking at other posts and conversations on #ocTEL there is a lot of discussion about this and related issues which I suppose is to be expected especially from the die hard learning technologists, e-learning professionals etc. The idea that we might eventually drop the technology from Technology enhanced learning and just talk about enhanced learning is a nice one. I think the Technology gets its name check as there is so much new technology coming on board that it can’t be avoided. Perhaps we could think about Innovation in Learning Design or in learning enhancement to get away from the idea that technology is key.

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